LIGHT's Programs 

LIGHT Rock Child Care

LIGHT Health & Wellness Comprehensive Services, Inc. formally known as Johnson Square Academy was accredited in 2009 as a preschool and licensed by the state of Maryland, provides a range of day and respite care for children ages 2-5 and their families with or without special needs, and who may require more comprehensive services.

For more information, contact Brenda Barland at 443-524-0220 ext 111 or email us at

Extended Child Care Hours

In response to the increasing demand for specialized child care, LIGHT has expanded its services to accommodate the need for professionals who work hours beyond the traditional business day. Beginning in the spring of 2018 LIGHT will provide around the clock video surveillance inside and outside of the building with evening security personnel. Our teaching team is MSDE certified and each possess at least 15 years experience in the provision of child care. 

For more information, contact Brenda Barland at 443-524-0220 ext 111 or email us at

Family Services

Family 2 Matters is a program that supports families of children with serious health conditions. It provides comprehensive support services for families of infants and young children who are infected/affected by HIV/AIDS, mental health trauma,  or have been perinatal exposed to a dangerous drug by a substance abusing and/or HIV/AIDS infected mother.

Support comes in the form of monthly support group meetings, and quality respite actives (i.e. educational and therapeutic sessions, trips, outings, annual retreat).

For more information, contact Delita Galanos at 443-524-0220 ext 112 or email us at

Non-Medical Case Management & Emergency Financial Assistance

Non-Medical Case Management Services assists HIV infected clients, who are unable to advocate for themselves, to maneuver the bureaucracies that exist in obtaining medical, legal, financial and other much needed support services.

We are also able to provide Emergency Financial Assistance to individuals currently living with HIV, once a year, who are in need of utility or rental assistance, eviction prevention, of first months rent. 

For more information, contact Natalie Daniels at 443-524-0220 ext 110 or email us at

Advocacy, Outreach & Support Services

A Step Beyond Outreach is designed to go outside the traditional boundaries of community outreach and increase the number of HIV positive African American men, women, and children accessing and maintaining primary medical care.

Education and Prevention Services utilize workshops, training's and health fairs to provide HIV awareness and prevention mechanisms to faith-based organizations, middle and high schools. It has also been an avenue that LIGHT has utilized to provide opportunities for HIV and STD testing for undeserved populations.

For more information, contact Charmaine Stern-Megginson at 443-524-0220 ext 119 or email us at

Youth/Young Adult Matters (YYAM)

This program is for Youth/Young Adults between the ages of 13-29. YYAM provides comprehensive supportive services to youth and young adults who are infected/impacted by HIV/AIDS. The group serves as an outlet for teens and young adults to share and learn with peers who are going through similar issues. We also provide curriculum based education for schools, community health fairs and etc.

For more information, contact Charmaine Stern-Megginson at 443-524-0220 ext 119 or email us at

M Group

In collaboration with the STAR TRACK Program at the University of Maryland Medical Center, the M Group is a male focused group for all young gay and bisexual men to discuss social issues and build a brotherhood with other young gay or bisexual men.

For more information, contact Mayo McClinton at 443-524-0220 ext 120 or email us at

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Our Mission

Since being founded in 1998, the mission of LIGHT has been to promote the health and wellness and education

of children, families, and individuals impacted by health and social disparities. 

Our Vision

LIGHT envisions a community where individuals are made aware of and receive health care and

psycho-social support services that will assist them to live healthy and productive lives

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