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December 26, 2018                   



2018 Fox 45’s Pay it Forward Award


       We are proud to announce our Founder and CEO, Mrs. Debbie J. Rock is the winner of the 2018 Fox 45’s Pay it Forward award. Mrs. Rock was nominated by Mrs. Rebecca Teaf, Chief Creative Officer and Founder of Redstart Creative. She was nominated for this award because of all of the work she and her team provides to women, children and families whose lives have been impacted by HIV, poverty, substance abuse, mental health and trauma. Mrs. Rock was interviewed today at her office and it will premiere on Friday, December 28, 2018 at 10:00 p.m.


        LIGHT began as a pilot program serving 20 children and their families in 1988.  Over the course of the past 20 years LIGHT has provided services to over 20,000 individuals, aiding as many as 1,500 individuals on an annual basis. Today, LIGHT is proud of the three divisions forming the foundation of its support for children and families affected by HIV, mental health and the current substance abuse epidemic. The divisions are: 1) Children’s Services, an academy with credentialed staff, which continues to provide high-quality, early childhood education for young children; Qualitative data showed that over 92% of our children are Kindergarten ready after completion of our Child Care Program. 2) Family Services, which supports parents, caregivers and other relatives to provide the best home and school environment for their children; and 3) Adult Services, which emphasizes the need to educate and train adults on imperative health matters and advocacy services that assists in empowering individuals on how to be successful in their life endeavors. In 2017, these divisions served over 3,100 individuals and 100 families.


     For more information on LIGHT Health & Wellness Comprehensive Services, Inc. and its programs, as well as to contribute to its mission, please contact Delita Galanos at 443-398-5747 or visit LIGHT’s website at

Our Mission

Since being founded in 1998, the mission of LIGHT has been to promote the health and wellness and education

of children, families, and individuals impacted by health and social disparities. 

Our Vision

LIGHT envisions a community where individuals are made aware of and receive health care and

psycho-social support services that will assist them to live healthy and productive lives

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